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is the SDK compatible with all Game Engines?

At the moment, our SDK is only available for Unity. Unreal version is on our roadmap and off record there’s even been talks about gasp Godot!

How difficult is it to implement?

For a beginner, take a day or two to go through our interactive online tutorial and read some documentation. But once you get the hang of it and know what you’re doing, it can be done in as little time as 5 minutes.
Too good to be true? Even some of us thought so, until our CTO made this video!

Can I use coherence if I don’t know how to code?

Absolutely! coherence was made to be a no-code solution, although we retained the code-tweaking part for the more adventurous of you. Try the concepts out in our interactive online tutorial or get straight to business with Get started.

Can I develop a Massive Multiplayer game with coherence?

The short answer is - yes! The long answer is that every game is different and MMOs need a specific subset of coherence features. Take a look at the MMO intro article so you know what coherence features you need to use and then go through the steps of setting up coherence as usual.
For other game genres, feel free to refer to our documentation.

How can I share builds with my testers?

Surprisingly easily! Build your game for the platform of your liking (Windows, MacOS, Linux or WebGL), upload it to the coherence Cloud, and get a URL to share to your testers.
The specifics are covered in our Share Builds article.

Is there a trial period or time limit for the free version?

No, like sunlight, it’s free forever. Well, at least as long as enough people still need coherence :)

How does the pricing work? What are credits for?

coherence’s pricing is built around credits. Credits are coherence’s way of making sure that you get maximum use out of the various resources needed for a live online game. Every major resource type like concurrent user (CCU) hour, Simulator hour, bandwidth and storage has an associated cost in credits. Since every game is different, the resource usage can also be wildly different. That’s an issue as most services like coherence package a fixed amount of resources into a bundle and sell that. So when your game hits the ceiling in just one type of resource usage, that’s it for that month, lights out. coherence works differently: - as long as you have credits remaining, it doesn’t matter which resource type they are used for.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our Pricing page as well, as it gives some good ballpark real-world numbers you can use to predict your costs.

What Pricing Plan is the right one for me?

You can pretty much be certain that unless the project is super ambitious, you can develop your game to completion for free, using the Free tier. The real costs occur when you start to get a lot of traction, either from mass testing or actual user base. That’s when you can bump your tier up to paid, with each consecutive paid tier providing more resources. The jump from Free to Bronze ($100/month) alone quadruples your resources, and every additional tier takes it even further.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to take a look at our Pricing page, as it gives some good ballpark real-world numbers you can use to predict your costs.

Can I self host my game?

Yes! Games made with coherence can either work peer-to-peer or even use 3rd party networking services like Steam Networking. The pros and cons of client-hosting are explained in our Client-hosting article.
It also has code samples. Lots of code samples.

Do you handle scaling?

Once you’re set up with coherence, you won’t have to worry about scaling ever again. We have a whole team of people who do the worrying part for you.

Do you support Steam?

Yes. Similar to Unity, a game made with coherence is fully compatible with Steam.

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