An open, accessible and lightning-fast cloud platform for building scalable and persistent virtual worlds

Illustration and idea by Nick Carver

Multiplayer in Minutes

Whether it’s an indie game or a million player-strong epic saga – making multiplayer games has never been easy. We are here to change that.

coherence plugs into your favorite game engine, allowing you to have a working demo up in a matter of minutes.

Scale and Persistence

The platform handles everything; from automatic scaling, persistence, load balancing, to running A.I. in the cloud. Making worlds that evolve, even when you are not playing, has never been easier. You don’t have to think about ramping up servers as your game grows – we do all that automatically while keeping costs transparent, fair and competitive.

We love indies – running everything locally or at a small scale will always be free.

Leveling the Playing Field

We are a group of industry veterans whose creations have reached hundreds of millions of players – ranging from big multiplayer titles to critically acclaimed single-player experiences.

coherence aims to level the playing field for multiplayer game development. We are creating an open, accessible and democratized process for making and playing connected games.

We enable everyone, from indies to large studios, to easily make experiences that can foster online interactions between millions. By removing all the technical barriers, we’re opening the doors to a new wave of creations that the industry has never seen before.

Get Involved

Our platform is under development. coherence will launch in 2020, with a pioneer program planned for early next year. Are you a developer? Sign up below for updates and the chance to take part in the pioneer program.

How Does Coherence Work?

coherence gives you all the tools you need to turn your game into a connected interactive experience. You can make anything, from a 4-player game with highly scalable instancing, to a persistent virtual world that holds all your players.

Our editor plugin will help you utilize the power of the cloud, even if you have no experience with networked games. It handles everything from setup, data modeling, local and online testing to deployment. Using our SDK, you can dive deeper and custom-fit our technology into existing games.

All backend processes like player connections, synchronization, simulation, network optimization and scaling are handled automatically. coherence lets you focus on what matters the most.

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    Developer First & Open

    As game developers, we know the importance of using excellent tools. coherence comes with all the command line utilities, visual plugins, showcases and docs you need to make your development easier, faster and more streamlined. Our plugins and tools are open source.

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    Cross Platform & Multi-Language

    coherence will easily integrate with prominent game engines like Unity, Unreal and Godot and support multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and consoles. We offer support for multiple programming languages like Go, C#, Javascript, Rust and others.

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    Infinitely Scalable Multiplayer

    LOD, dynamic resolution, prioritization and quantization allow for considerably more cost-effective bandwidth and CPU usage. Our highly optimized spatially-aware load balancing system manages and dynamically re-distributes CPU load. Servers that aren’t used are automatically terminated to manage costs.

Join Our Team!

We’re looking for people to join our team! Coherence’s mission is to revolutionize how multiplayer games are made and what they can become. You will play an important role in creating a platform that enables developers to run massive virtual worlds with millions of players.

We are a small but fast growing team of industry veterans who have shipped several hit games played by millions of people (e.g. Limbo, Inside, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Terminator: Salvation, Frostbite network engine, etc.).

Our studio is part of Game Habitat DevHub, a workspace for game developers and studios, located in the heart of Malmö, Sweden.

  • Backend Programmer

    As one of our backend programmers, you will help us architect and build web services, web applications, orchestration and monitoring of servers with massive scaling and maximum performance goals.

    You will build new features, optimize existing ones and influence the vision for our data-oriented technology stack.

  • Network Programmer

    Become part of our core engineering team and help us build the next generation open source network engine. As one of our network programmers, you will help us make our protocols and tech more scalable, faster, leaner and more reliable. You will build new features, optimize existing ones and influence the vision for our data-oriented technology stack.

  • Web Developer

    Become part of our core engineering team and help us build the next generation open source platform for building virtual worlds.

    We are looking for a full-stack developer that can help us build, improve and maintain all the customer-facing websites around our platform, including developer accounts, billing, virtual world visualizations, starting and stopping cloud instances as well as our own website. You’ll build new features, optimize existing ones and influence the way we interact with our customers on a daily basis.

  • Other Positions (General Application)

    Do you think you would be a great fit for our team but you don’t fit the current job openings? Apply here and let us know how you think we could work together when building the next generation open source platform for building virtual worlds.