A network engine, SDK and platform that lets you make and run scalable multiplayer games in minutes.

A full-featured toolbox for multiplayer networking that gives you everything you need to develop, test and run your game. Build virtual worlds, room-based games or a combination of both – automatically scalable in the cloud and on bare metal.

Check out this video showing how to turn a single-player project into multiplayer in less than 5 minutes!

About the Engine

Learn more about coherence and how you can use it to build anything from small games to large cloud-based MMOs.

Creative Spotlight

Check out inspiring multiplayer concepts, games and experiments from our team, partners and community!

Check out the coherence multiplayer challenge for GGJ23, and register!

Multiplayer made easy

It takes just a few moments to configure a scene and game objects so they can see each other over the network.

Using the free cloud hosting option, you can then deploy your project online directly from within the Unity editor, and even share your WebGL build hosted at coherence.

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Latest News

Jan 31, 2023 | news

Introducing: the First Steps Tutorial Project

Zen and the art of planting persistent flowers.


Jan 24, 2023 | news

coherence Global Game Jam® 2023 Challenge

If you're up for it, there's $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.


Jan 24, 2023 | tech demo

Single-player to Multiplayer in 5 Minutes

A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, except in multiplayer.


Dec 16, 2022 | news

Release 0.10 Brings Networking to Prefab Variants

Making multiplayer games gets even better with 0.10.


Dec 6, 2022 | creative spotlight

coherence Hosts First Game Jam for Indie Devs

Is it even possible to create a multiplayer game from scratch in 2 days?!! Our participants found out!


Oct 25, 2022 | developer interviews

Our Team - Ciro Continisio

His next project after the Unity Gigaya demo is the coherence Playground - and helping other game devs who are new to coherence get started.


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