Announcement: coherence 1.2 is now released! See what's new with 1.2

Pay as you scale

All plans come with free global networking, online servers & persistence.



30,000 Credits for free each month.

All features included as standard:

  • Ship a multiplayer game
  • Cloud-based game servers (Simulators)
  • Support for desktop, console, mobile and VR
  • WebGL support with landing page for hosting builds
  • Global relay
  • Unlimited project slots
  • Unlimited developer seats
  • DDoS protection
  • Persistence
Get Started

Choose a plan that suits your needs


Pay for What You Use

Credits are spent based on actual usage, not a maximum CCU number.


Flexibility Month-to-Month

Adjust costs based on your usage with flexible tier options.


Client or Cloud Hosting

Options for Client and Cloud Hosting available to suit your needs.


$100 /m

120,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 480,000)


$500 /m

600,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 600,000)


$1,000 /m

1,200,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 1,200,000)


$2,000 /m

2,400,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 2,400,000)



Does your game require more credits? Do you want coherence to act as your network and DevOps department? Here’s some of what we offer:

  • Help launch the game regardless of CCU
  • Direct support with our Development Team in a shared Slack channel
  • Source code access
  • Ongoing usage and cost analysis and optimization support
  • Code review and architecture consulting
  • Self-hosting / on-premise hosting



Reach out to us if you represent a College or University interested in collaborating or implementing coherence.

Credits icon

What are Credits?

Credits are coherence’s virtual unit of cost that can be converted into concurrent user hours (CCU hours), Simulator hours or bandwidth. Since no two games are identical in their use of cloud resources, credits give you the flexibility you need for your multiplayer game.

“I can't imagine any tech other than coherence that'd let me add multiplayer to a game with so little effort.”

Mathias, Founder of Sky Goblin.

Example Game Costs

We know every game has a unique footprint. This is why our universal credits can be used flexibly - CCU hours, bandwidth, storage, simulators or game services. No arbitrary caps to worry about!


Build any multiplayer game with coherence

Any multiplayer setup is possible, and we have plans that suit all needs. See more examples for pricing and cost breakdown for any game.


Build an MMO with coherence

Uses one large Simulator to simulate the world per persistence world.

500 Max players per world

24/7 Session duration

400MB Average session traffic

Bronze: --

Silver: 1 persistent world

Gold: 2 persistent worlds

Platinum: 5 persistent worlds

Additional world 480k Credits


Build an FPS with coherence

Uses one medium Simulator to prevent cheating in 10 concurrent matches.

10 Max players per world

2 Average session duration

7MB Average session traffic

Bronze: 60k matches

Silver: 690k matches

Gold: 1.3 million matches

Platinum: 2.7 million matches

Why coherence?



Have you ever considered adding multiplayer features to your game? Wondered how to make multiplayer games with very little to no means?

Dreamt of multiplayer possibilities but felt limited by technology or human and budget constraints…



As a small studio, you most likely don’t have the luxury of spending lots of resources. Every decisions counts, and oftentimes the creative vision gets overruled by budgetary demands.

With coherence, we’re created a multiplayer game platform that allows even big studios to dream big...



You have a big team and you’re looking to streamline your processes? You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time you start working on a new project?

Do you want a one-tool-fits-all solution for multiplayer features you can distribute across teams...

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