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All plans come with free global networking, basic compute & persistence.

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$0 /m

30,000 Credits*

*Extra credits are
unique to paid plans.


$100 /m

120,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 480,000)


$500 /m

600,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 600,000)


$1,000 /m

1,200,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 1,200,000)


$2,000 /m

2,400,000 Credits

$0.20 per 100 extra credits
(limited to 2,400,000)

Enterprise & Custom Plans

If you need something bespoke for a project not covered by our standard plans, we offer custom enterprise solutions to meet your individual needs.


Are you a student, educational institution or research company? Contact us for details about our educational plans to suit your budget.

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What are Credits?

Credits are coherence’s virtual unit of cost that can be converted into concurrent user hours (CCU hours), Simulator hours or even bandwidth. Since no two games are identical in their use of cloud resources, credits give you the flexibility you need for your Unity multiplayer game. Whether you’re building a platformer, a virtual DJ venue, a racing sim game or the next big MMO, our credit system makes sure your project gets maximum value and usage out of your chosen tier!

These features are included in all of our plans as standard. If you have any questions about pricing or our features, please get in touch and we’ll help find the best solution for your project.

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  • checkFree global relay
  • checkFree basic compute
  • checkFree persistence
  • checkUnlimited developer seats
  • checkUnlimited project slots
  • checkFlexible CCU limits

Flexible Credit Usage

Every project is unique. Only use credits on the features your project needs.

CCU Hour1 Credit / CCU Hour
Small Sim20 Credits / Server Hour
Medium Sim40 Credits / Server Hour
Large Sim80 Credits / Server Hour
X-Large Sim160 Credits / Server Hour
Bandwidth200 Credits / 1GB / Month
KV Database5 Credits / 100MB / Hour
Storage70 Credits / 1TB / Hour

Example Game Costs

Here are a few Credit estimates based on some common game types to give you an idea of which plan may best suit your multiplayer game.


Uses one small Simulator to prevent cheating in 10 concurrent matches.

2 Max players per session
10 Minutes average session
1MB average session traffic

Bronze: 140k matches
Silver: 690k matches
Gold: 1.3m matches
Platinum: 2.7m matches

Extra matches at 0.9 Credits


Uses one medium Simulator to prevent cheating in 10 concurrent matches.

10 Max players per session
2 Minutes average session
7MB average session traffic

Bronze: 60k matches
Silver: 300k matches
Gold: 650k matches
Platinum: 1.3m matches

Extra matches at 1.8 Credits

Battle Royale

Uses one medium Simulator to simulate physics in two concurrent rounds.

100 Max players per session
15 Minutes average session
50MB average session traffic

Bronze: 3k rounds
Silver: 15k rounds
Gold: 30k rounds
Platinum: 60k rounds

Extra rounds at 40 Credits


Uses one large Simulator to simulate the world per persistence world.

500 Max players per world
24/7 Session duration
400MB average session traffic

Bronze: --
Silver: 1 persistent world
Gold: 2 persistent worlds
Platinum: 5 persistent worlds

Additional world 480k Credits

If your multiplayer game needs more, you can upgrade plans any time, or purchase extra Credits to accommodate short-term spikes. If our standard plans don’t suit the scale of your project, please contact us to discuss custom enterprise options.