30 January - 5 February 2023 | Learn more below & enter the contest!

Global Game Jam® 2023

At coherence we have always considered it our mission to bring easy and accessible multiplayer game development to everyone, and to connect people through meaningful experiences. To make sure coherence works well even for small teams, we’ve made game jamming the heart of our culture. Now it’s time to test coherence on a truly global scale - that’s why we’ve teamed up with Global Game Jam® 2023 as an official sponsor!

To appreciate the scale of GGJ® - their record year saw participants from 934 locations in 118 countries, who created an amazing 9,601 games during a single weekend. As far as live product tests go, we think you’ll agree it’s difficult to find anything more challenging.

The Challenge

As if creating games within a 48-hour time window was not hard enough, we're inviting you to take part in a challenge - create an online multiplayer game using coherence! To ease your mind - we've already held a full coherence game jam. Check out the live stream recording of game presentations.

$10,000 Up For Grabs

In addition to the personal gratification of giving yourself this extra challenge, we’ve decided to reward the most innovative multiplayer game ideas with $10,000 worth of prizes! If that sounds like something for you, please register your interest below.

Contest Rules

View the contest rules on this link.

Help & Resources

Learn and iterate fast. Deploy into the cloud and share your build for free. From session-based games to virtual worlds, coherence will scale your game automatically.

Video Tutorial

Watch a tutorial video on how to get your game working with coherence in 5 minutes.

Join Our Discord

Join us in our dedicated GGJ® Discord channel to get help directly from our developers.

Our Documentation

And finally, check out our documentation on how to get started to give you a head start!


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