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The will to change how multiplayer games are made: coherence’s story

Curious about how coherence came to be, and what we want to bring to the table in the games industry? Want to know how high we set the bar for ourselves? All the answers are here!

The idea of coherence is born

The idea of coherence sprung up from conversations that our founder and CEO Dino Patti was having with other veteran developers at game industry events. When talking about the huge positive impact that game engines like Unity have had on developers Dino, David Helgason (the co-founder of Unity), and a few others came to discuss what the next big hurdle to address could be for game development. The conversation always circled back to the one very hard thing left for indies and small devs - multiplayer games.

Understanding Developers’ pain points and offering solutions for Multiplayer Gamedev

After having been in the front row of game development for a while, the founders had developed an in-depth understanding about the technical difficulties and limitations that were part and parcel of multiplayer game development. They also recognized the trend that was setting in - players were more and more shifting from single-player experiences to games offering online social interactions. At that time, it looked to be beyond the abilities of many game developers. But…

  • What if multiplayer was offered as a tool so that teams of any size could consider it for their project?
  • What if the technology behind multiplayer game development worked for us instead of against us, allowing for more risk-taking, variety and innovation?
  • What if the development teams could focus on the creative part of game development rather than worrying about the technical feasibility of multiplayer?
  • What if the traditional financial and timeline risks associated with multiplayer games were to disappear? What impact would that have on the games we play?

How can we make multiplayer game development optimal?

We at coherence want to be the answer to that question. We want to democratize multiplayer game development and put the possibility of creating seamless connected experiences into the hands of an exponentially higher number of creative developers than is possible today. We want to give them the tools to change the way people connect and interact, and help build the future of online social interactions.

To make this a reality, our team of experienced game developers is working hard to provide the best Unity plugin and platform for multiplayer. We won’t stop at that though - future plans already include support for additional engines like Unreal and Godot.

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