Introducing: the First Steps Tutorial Project


We work hard to make coherence an accessible and easy-to-use framework. But for developers who have never made a multiplayer game, getting into networking can be quite a lot. That’s why we developed an introductory tutorial, and now we have the pleasure of sharing it with you for the first time. We call it First Steps.


How do I try it out?

First Steps is a Unity project that you can download from its Github repo, or as a direct .zip download. You can also quickly try it out directly in a WebGL build on this page, share the link with a friend, and play it together.

The project is compact and fast to open, import, and build. We kept iteration times in mind when we created it. It shows a variety of concepts: basic syncing of position and rotation, how to call methods on the network, how to get updates only from part of the game world, how to run simple networked physics, and more.

With the help of its documentation, you’ll be able to move your first steps within the world of networking. The docs cover not only the basics of coherence, but also serve as a gentle intro to some general networking concepts.


What's to come & feedback

In the future, we will launch more game-like, educational projects that will target more specific game genres or network configurations, and advanced use cases.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy tracing your first steps in networking, and if you have comments on this tutorial, we would love to hear them. Please drop into our Discord and leave your thoughts in the channels #feature-requests or #report-bugs.


Written By

Ciro Continisio

Published in: News
January 31, 2023