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Dino Patti's mission to trigger the indie multiplayer revolution

gameindustry biz.png coherence CEO discusses his new company's tech and why smaller studios can have the biggest impact on multiplayer games. Discover the "off-the-shelf network stack" which Patti envisions will allow for smaller teams to tackle big scale multiplayer projects.

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coherence: the engine that aims to revolutionize multiplayer indie games

whynowgaming.png coherence aims to lower the barrier for entry into the technically challenging realm of multiplayer game development, as discussed with its creators, Dino Patti and Tadej Gregorcic. In this interview with Why now Gaming, Patti and Gregorcic explain how coherence will enable developers to quickly create multiplayer games, gather user feedback, and iterate on their designs. The engine offers ease of use and features like persistent objects and scalability to accommodate potentially thousands of players.

The engine currently supports Unity and plans to expand to Unreal Engine and other engines in the future. coherence 1.0 is set to launch at the end of June, and we hope it will unlock new possibilities for multiplayer indie games and potentially produce industry-shaking hits.

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Announcing coherence Unity Multiplayer SDK 1.0

80lvl.jpg coherence is set to launch version 1.0 of its network engine on June 30th 2023. The new release will introduce features such as self-hosting capabilities, a built-in lobby room and matchmaking system, support for large game worlds, enhanced network management, and improved user interface options, aiming to empower developers to quickly create and run multiplayer game prototypes with ease.

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coherence Reveals $10,000 Prize Winners For Global Game Jam 2023

YouTube_1Min_Thumbnail (1).png As part of our participation in Global Game Jam 2023, we have announced the winners of the coherence Multiplayer Challenge, awarding a total prize pool of $10,000. The first-place winner, "Room To Grow," impressed with its meditative gameplay and innovative persistence feature, while "Which Witch" secured second place with its potion-cooking gameplay, and "Malditas Raizes" claimed third place with its asymmetrical arena-shooter game. Congratulations to all the winners!

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New Video Shows How coherence Lets You Make Single-Player Into Multiplayer in 5 Minutes

maxresdefault (1).jpg Discover a video demonstrating how coherence multiplayer technology allows users to easily transform single-player games into multiplayer experiences in just five minutes, showcasing the speed and accessibility of the network engine.

The video also highlights our goal of revolutionizing multiplayer development and invites viewers to try it out and start developing on the platform for free.

Watch the Single to multiplayer in 5 minutes video.

Early Access Sign-Ups For Game-Changing Multiplayer Tech coherence Open Now

Early access sign-ups are now open for game-changing multiplayer technology coherence, offering developers double credits for the first three months of 2023 if they sign up before January 15, 2023. This opportunity allows developers to experience the fully-featured toolbox that revolutionizes multiplayer game development, with coherence providing a zero-coding network engine and a range of powerful tools for creating, testing, and deploying networked games.

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coherence Secures $8 Million Investment

Led by Griffin Gaming Partners, the $8 million investment will support the development and expansion of coherence's network technology, aiming to make real-time multiplayer game development accessible to all developers. The funding will also contribute to team growth and the rollout of coherence's technology to game creators, with the goal of democratizing the development of multiplayer experiences.

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