Bring Multiplayer features to the next level

As a small studio, you most likely don’t have the luxury of spending lots of resources. Every decision counts, and oftentimes the creative vision gets overruled by budgetary demands. With coherence, you can comfortably put those limitations to the side when it comes to multiplayer. We’ve created a multiplayer game platform that allows even small studios to dream big!

coherence offers you the possibility to compete with bigger studios in the gaming landscape

Thanks to coherence, you can now increase the scope of your multiplayer game project! With our team of experienced developers backing you up, you’ll be able to punch way above your weight and create a fully-featured online multiplayer game that’s not just playable, but also technically advanced.

Hosting, automatic scaling, build sharing, lobbies, matchmaking, bandwidth management and much more is included. With coherence, you don’t even need to code - but don’t get us wrong, you still can if you prefer to! Let us be your great equalizer or a secret weapon, if you will. Your game will look like it has several teams of network programmers behind it - well, with coherence, that is actually very close to being true!

Save time and money

We have worked hard to make coherence very easy to use. As a startup ourselves, we understand how limited some runways can be, and we have a healthy respect for time. Setting up coherence and producing first results is a matter of days if not hours. Additionally, coherence has been designed so it would be easy to get your whole team using it. Our backend allows you to manage your projects, team members, and get a thorough overview of usage and cost statistics.

A Pricing model adapted to your means

coherence is on a mission to make online multiplayer accessible to everyone. A lot of it stems from the fact that so many of us have backgrounds in indie game development. As such, we love to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a shoestring budget. We’re focused on overcoming technical limitations and allowing even very small teams to access a feature set that only the best-funded game studios could afford just a few years back.

Experimenting with coherence is free - we want you to take advantage of our tech. Check it out, and if you like what you see, hop aboard and grow with coherence!

Why work with us?

We love multiplayer games, and we want to make this space grow! We are a team of passionate game developers that have already been through the challenges you might be facing today. Most of us have developed games in the past, or still are developing games, as a hobby. Therefore we want to make sure that coherence makes multiplayer as easy and accessible as humanly possible, so teams of all sizes and profiles can come and join us!

We truly want to make a difference in how multiplayer games are developed today. We love that we are able to offer smaller teams the possibility of integrating multiplayer into their projects, and participate in the success of creative projects. This is why our technology is accessible for free for everyone to be able to test and adopt.

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