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Unlock Multiplayer features for your project

Have you ever considered adding multiplayer features to your game? Wondered how to make multiplayer games with very little to no means? Dreamt of multiplayer possibilities but felt limited by technology or human and budget constraints?

coherence allows you to experiment with multiplayer, even when you don’t have a full team of network engineers

We know first-hand that developing multiplayer games comes with a huge resource sink, whether it’s time, money or effort. Our aim from the get-go was to take that complexity off the table so creators like us can focus on designing compelling games instead of learning about the intricacies of networking or hiring new staff. We want the up-front cost of developing or even just dabbling with multiplayer to be so low that everyone can do it!

Pricing makes it possible for smaller structures or solo devs to consider multiplayer for their projects

Our pricing reflects the roots of our team. It was clear from the start that we need to support indie developers, as that is where a lot of the innovation in this space comes from. That’s why we have a pretty generous free tier that goes way beyond a simple demo. You could develop a whole proof of concept, have a small group of users for testing, and never pay a cent.

Of course, when your game does hit its stride and looks like it’s destined for greater things, you’ll inevitably outgrow the free tier. We have several paid tiers set up for that occasion, with very sensible pricing. Not that many game projects will make it there, so when yours does, we’ll be rooting for your success all the way!

And, by paying us to work on your promising or already successful game, you’ll be paving the way for other indie developers to be able to use coherence’s free tier!

We unlock access to hosting, scaling, build sharing and more

Everything that you need for your project to become a fully functioning online multiplayer game is already in place with coherence. We take care of hosting, automatic scaling, build sharing, bandwidth optimization and all the little nuances like authority and persistence that are needed to make a multiplayer game work. We also give your game a lobby and a matchmaker.

The best part? No coding needed. Don’t get us wrong - you still can, if you want to. But now it’s a choice, not a requirement!

An active community on Discord

We love multiplayer games, and we want to make this space grow! We are a team of passionate game developers that have already been through the challenges you might be facing today. Most of us have developed games in the past, or still are developing games, as a hobby. Therefore we want to make sure that coherence makes multiplayer as easy and accessible as humanly possible, so people like you can come and join us!

We’re always figuring out ways to bring more cool stuff to the table without putting any extra burden on our users. We have internal game jams on a regular basis to make sure that our product offers the best user experience, and we love to get feedback from our community to improve and iterate on our toolkit.

We truly want to make a difference in how multiplayer games are developed today. We love that we are able to offer smaller teams the possibility of integrating multiplayer into their projects, and participate in the success of creative projects. This is why our technology is accessible for free for everyone to be able to test and adopt.

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