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Enterprise solution for multiplayer scaling

You have a big team but you’re looking to streamline your processes? You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time you start working on a new project? Maybe you just want to find a one-tool-fits-all solution for multiplayer features that you can distribute across teams? Or you want to build quick multiplayer prototypes that you can test on the market and iterate on to identify your next successful IP?

You have come to the right place! coherence is a Unity SDK taking care of netcode that unlocks all multiplayer possibilities.

Customized features and an amount of credits that fits your needs

Our Enterprise solution is tailored to fit your specific needs. Like a good tailor we need to take measurements first, meaning that we have to discuss your project’s scope and needs in detail. Together, we will come up with the best solution for you, your project, and your company. We offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go solution that will deliver exactly what you need. We will also be there for you every step of the way, giving advice as needed and implementing your requests & feedback into coherence. Your success is our success!

Access to our Development Team

Exclusive to our Enterprise clients, you will have access to our team of developers. We will be your partners in development, at your disposal to discuss potential custom features that will cater to your game’s vision and provide the needed support to your development team.

We will develop features tailored to your project

With meaningful partnerships comes responsibility, and we take our responsibility very seriously. When your game project is held back by a feature that’s missing in coherence or needs a new feature to function best, we will step in and deliver. As a result, your developers and ultimately players will get a better experience and we will have a superior product - it’s a win-win!

Enjoy our customer support service

As an Enterprise client, you will have exclusive access to our Customer Support team.
Depending on your project’s scale and needs, we offer different support plans to complete your Enterprise Solution with coherence:

Our Basic Support Plan includes:

  • Shared Slack Channel
  • Guaranteed response within 72 hours
  • Direct access to Development Team
  • Full source code and access (SDK, Engine and Replication server)
  • Minimum 1 assigned Team member

Our Standard Customer Support plan includes all of the above, to which we add:

  • Guaranteed response time upgraded to 24 hours
  • Access to early builds and pre-release packages of our tech
  • Usage/Cost projections
  • Minimum 2 assigned Team members

Our Premium Customer Support Plan includes all of the above, to which we add:

  • Issue resolution,
  • Direct debugging on the project
  • Certification help
  • Launch simulation option.
  • Minimum 3 assigned Team Members

Why work with us?

We become your network department With our team of highly experienced network engineers, we’ll solve network problems together and assist with finding a suitable architecture and cost effective solutions.

Our flexible architecture makes expansion easy Start off with one mode and add additional modes or features later. Scale up based on success. Change your multiplayer scope as needed during the development phase. With coherence, your network development lifecycle is lean & optimized, yet ready to grow with your project at a moment’s notice.

Let your team unleash its creativity We will take care of technicalities and offer efficiencies of scale, while your developers can focus on what they do best - making new, exciting, and creative content!

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