Announcement: coherence 1.2 is now released! See what's new with 1.2

Step-by-step series of videos to install and run coherence on Unity

Sometimes it’s hard to get started just by reading documentation, so we decided to make it easier for you. Here’s a collection of video tutorials that will guide you through all the steps needed to get the coherence Unity Multiplayer SDK installed and running. If something piques your interest and you want to dive deeper, our Documentation section has the answers. For quick help, please reach out to us on our Discord server.

Install coherence

If you’re new to coherence and perhaps even Unity packages, this first short video should serve as a good intro to our toolkit. Find out how to install the coherence package via Unity's package manager, and get started in making a multiplayer game in Unity.

Basic Syncing with coherence

In the second video of the series, we show you how to set up a scene, create a networked Prefab and configure it, bake, start a Replication Server and test the build of the multiplayer game you just created.

Connecting to the coherence Cloud

In this video you’ll learn how to use coherence's servers to test your build over the network. We teach you how to create a coherence account and use our Dashboard to create a WebGL Build for easy testing.

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