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The Flock DevLog #7

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Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

Player Character

I spent some time improving the player character asset by:

  • Cleaning up the model’s topology
  • Reworking the hands' so that Mixamo could skin them properly
  • Updating the cloth simulations
  • Adding a horn model
  • Replacing the temp gun model with the actual rifle for equipping/unequipping


I need to add IK to the feet so they don’t sink the floor (see above!) and there are still issues with blending between some animation states, cloth intersecting with geometry etc. but those are things that I can tweak later. Check the video for more info!

Visual Development - Architecture

I’ve been wanting to explore the idea of architecture - the remnants of some sophisticated civilization that has died out/disappeared - within the game world for a while. I need to some concepts of how these structures might look in a semi-ruined state, but I’m quite happy with the overall shape language. One idea I had for how these things would be constructed is that this civilization had a building technology that worked like boolean operations in a 3d package: adding or subtracting matter at will rather than having to construct from component parts and units.



This is another concept/look dev piece done in anticipation of making a real-time target visual. I feel like I’m gradually getting to the sweet spot in terms of level of detail vs/ graphical read. I’m looking forward to putting all these ideas into a small area for people to experience.


Next Steps

As mentioned, I’m planning to bring a bunch of the things I’ve been working on so far together and create a visual target area for the proper look and feel of the prototype.

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Written By

Nick Carver

Published in: Creative Spotlight
January 31, 2020