Announcement: coherence 1.2 is now released! See what's new with 1.2

We Discovered New coherence-Powered Games at GDC 2024!

Team lunch.jpg Team lunch in between the hustle of the conference - this table alone has 5 nationalities living in 3 different continents! From left to right - Ciro from Italy, living in Denmark; Dino from Denmark; Nenad from USA; Jonathan (me) from South Africa; and Tadej from Slovenia, living in Sweden.

This was my second GDC with coherence, and I have to note how so much has changed since last year’s event, both in our industry and at coherence! Over the past year, we’ve released coherence 1.0, launched coherence Spotlight (an exclusive program designed to maximize the development speed of standout multiplayer projects) and made some big partner announcements; including Lost Skies by Bossa Games.

i3D Event.jpg Dino and Tadej with the i3D team, who always know how to throw a great event at GDC.

One thing that didn’t change at GDC 2024, was that we spent A LOT of time chatting with customers, as well as new studios wanting to learn about coherence. Last year our base camp was a suite at the top of the W Hotel (the view was amazing), where we hosted exclusive demos to showcase the powerful tech we’ve built at coherence. This year we decided to be closer to the ground (literally!) to be able to chat to as many developers as possible. We certainly got our daily steps in, with meetings and demos throughout the expo, chatting with devs at their booths, long walks and chats in the park enjoying the San Francisco spring sunshine, and many a hotel lobby.

7 Sentinels.jpg 7 Sentinels showing us their game prototype on 3 Steam Decks, one of which was also running the Replication Server, all hooked up to a portable router.

Another exciting change was that we got to play many of the promising games being built with coherence. Seeing such innovative, ambitious ideas come to life (made possible with coherence!) is what drives our team to continue our mission of unlocking multiplayer for developers.

Santa Ragione.jpg Santa Ragione showing us the prototype of the new game they brought to GDC. We got to play it together using client-hosting, again via a portable router!

As the sun went down each day, we were able to share some quality time with our strategic partners and friends, including a 10-year celebration with our friends at Sisu, i3D.net’s GDC mixer, SupportUkraine Networking and Charity Reception, the IGF Awards (and party!), and of course the Nordic Party. We always joke that we fly across the world just to mingle with our Nordic friends, but it’s a party we never miss.

Nordic Party.jpeg Tadej and Jonathan at the Nordic Party; one we never miss!

Written By

Jonathan Bailey

April 5, 2024