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Get Your Game in the Spotlight!

What is coherence Spotlight?

At coherence, we’re dedicated to helping game developers make multiplayer games.

coherence gives developers the tools they need to innovate with multiplayer design, and to bring ambitious multiplayer game ideas to life.

Indie developers are pushing the boundaries of creativity when it comes to multiplayer, and we want to help these games succeed. That’s why we created Spotlight.

The Spotlight program provides free, hands-on development support to standout multiplayer games created by indie developers, hobbyists and small game studios. As a bonus you also get the benefit of additional exposure - in our blog, on our website, and we might even feature your game in the many talks we give at industry conferences.


What do I get by joining Spotlight?

Spotlight support

  • Direct access to the coherence development team through a private Discord channel.
  • One-on-one workshops.
  • Project assessment and code samples.

Marketing exposure

  • Your logo on the coherence website linking to your game or studio page.
  • A blog post written about your game.
  • Important updates about your game shared on the coherence marketing channels.

Early access

  • Access to preview builds.

Spotlight criteria

The Spotlight Program is aimed at standout multiplayer games by indie devs and smaller studios that are using coherence, or plan to use coherence as their multiplayer tech stack.

To qualify:

  • Your project must have something to show; for example a prototype, a vertical slice or a Beta.
  • At the time of submitting your application, your studio must have less than 1 Million USD in gross annual revenue.

About coherence

coherence is an all-in-one toolbox to design, build, test, host and operate multiplayer games and experiences.

The coherence platform includes:

  • A network engine
  • A powerful toolkit and SDK for Unity
  • A hosting & scaling platform

Learn more about coherence's features HERE.

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October 19, 2023