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Networking Avatars By Using Ready Player Me

A few weeks ago, one of the developers on the coherence Discord asked whether coherence was compatible with Ready Player Me. If you don’t know them, Ready Player Me (RPM) is a 3D avatar platform that allows users to quickly build avatars online starting from a picture, and use them in all of the games that implement their SDK. It’s quite a cool tool, and perfect for a multiplayer game to allow players to customize the look of their character!

At the time we didn’t have a proper answer, so we invested some time in investigating how hard it could be to make the two systems talk with each other. As it turns out, it was trivially simple. So we packaged that experience into a small sample project that you can use as guidance to integrate dynamic, RPM-powered avatars into your coherence multiplayer project.

You can download the project from this Github repository. We also have a thread in our forums where we posted a step-by-step guide, which you can use to ask follow-up questions about this demo.

Finally, we collected these steps in a video:

We hope you enjoy this sample project and find it useful. This was a very simplified implementation of RPM, which is a much more extensive platform (as is coherence 🙂).

We recommend checking their documentation to learn more about it.

Written By

Ciro Continisio

Published in: Tech
April 11, 2024