Announcement: coherence 1.2 is now released! See what's new with 1.2

Our Upcoming Dashboard Design & UX Changes

Launching with 1.0 alongside our SDK, we have a completely redesigned dashboard based on our new internal design system with a focus on UX and accessibility improvements.


Our dashboard has been rebuilt from the ground up at the organization level, moving up a notch from the project level to allow for a clearer visualization of usage overall throughout the organization and also making project-specific navigation easier. You’ll now be able to get an overview of all your projects at a glance and quickly filter into more details as required.

Finding and navigating your projects is also now much more simplified. It is considerably easier to understand where your plan’s resources and credits are being used - and why.


Speaking of credits, we have made it much easier to see and understand how they work and which projects are using them in various ways. We’ll also keep you updated throughout the month on trends in usage and as you reach specific usage milestones so you’re always aware of how your projects are performing and how your resources are being used.

Team management has been revisited with several improvements. Pending invites can be resent or revoked as needed, quickly and easily. Members can be filtered and sorted to help larger teams find colleagues. Roles are becoming more future-proof to allow for more than a linear promote/demote mechanic.


You can now manage billing in a unified location. It covers everything from payment methods and transaction history to Plan and Wallet management, too. Here, you’ll be able to upgrade and downgrade plans as needed and choose funding sources as preferred. As you use coherence, we will make recommendations for you based on your usage so you’ll never have to wonder which is the best plan for your organization.

The newly introduced Wallet feature will hold an additional credit balance. These are earned through various methods such as referrals and promotions and can be used for supplementing resource consumption if/when your monthly plan allowance has been exhausted. Unlike your monthly credits, those in your Wallet can be persistent and won’t expire so you can use them when you need to without worrying about them evaporating into thin air, come expiry date!

These are just a few of the UX improvements coming with the new dashboard for our 1.0 release and we can’t wait to show you more in June! If you haven’t already, come and say hello in our official Discord and get even more details on what’s to come!

Written By

Dave McNally

Published in: Tech Demo
April 26, 2023