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Introducing the Flock

Hello and welcome to the DevLog!

I am super excited to be working with coherence to explore game concepts that focus on multiplayer gameplay and/or online persistence. The first idea that I’ve chosen to work on is called The Flock. In subsequent posts I will document its development, but first of all, here is a quick overview of the game’s core design.

1_vd2vuo0zm-z_JSn4I053og (1).gif

Initial concept piece for The Flock

What is it?

The Flock is an open-ended, multiplayer experience where you are an intrepid nomad guiding your herd of animals on an odyssey through a desolate, mysterious world.

What’s the hook?

In The Flock, herders must move with the seasons and journey from land to land through an ancient world, exploring the environment; avoiding hazards; protecting their animals from predators and encountering other players and their flocks. As they travel, the player must tend to their flock’s needs (food, water, shelter) with the goal of reaching the next seasonal pasture with the herd still intact. A healthy flock will grow in number over time and its size can be increased further by rescuing animals that are lost in the world.

The player has several tools at their disposal for guiding and protecting:

  • An instrument for issuing commands to the flock (follow, stay, rest etc.)
  • A crook for directly interacting with animals and navigating the environment
  • A rifle for repelling predators
  • Medical supplies for tending to sick or injured animals

Player encounters in The Flock are rare, but significant. Herders can trade supplies, skills or information about the world; converse through playing musical instruments together; share food around a campfire etc. Combat against other players in The Flock is possible, but not recommended: Attacking players or creatures without provocation creates virulent plague spores that can ravage the aggressor’s flock and poison the surrounding environment.

Audio/Visual Hooks

Audio — Evocative soundscapes of a desolate, mysterious world. Dynamic musical score that heightens key moments of the experience.

Visuals — Epic painterly world of craggy, snow-covered mountains, lush pastures and ancient ruins (think Nausicaa, Shadow of the Colossus etc.). A beautiful but harsh world where life clings on in unlikely locations. Cel-shaded characters with strong silhouettes and refined colour palettes.

So, that’s the idea in a nutshell! I’m looking forward to exploring the potential of this game idea through prototyping and visual development in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading, and I hope you will join me on this journey!

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Written By

Nick Carver

Published in: Creative Spotlight
November 3, 2019