Levelling the playing field for multiplayer game development

A network engine that allows you to easily develop, iterate and operate connected games

Our goal is to democratize the way developers make connected experiences, and that means making it easier to get started, faster to iterate on ideas and cheaper to operate.

coherence is a network engine, a platform, and a series of tools and plugins for your favorite game development environment.

Our mission is to give any game developer, regardless of how technical they are, the power to make a connected game.

A fast network engine with cloud scaling

At the core of coherence lies a fast network engine based on bitstreams and a data-oriented architecture (ECS / DOTS), with numerous optimization techniques like delta compression, quantization and LOD-ing to minimize bandwidth and maximize performance.

The platform handles scaling, synchronization, persistence and load balancing automatically.

Make multiplayer games for any platform, anywhere

The SDK allows developers to make multiplayer games using Windows, Linux or Mac, targeting desktop, console, mobile, VR or the web.

Our game engine plugins and visual tools will help even non-coders create and quickly iterate on a connected game idea.

All game developers should be empowered to test their concepts quickly and painlessly.

We want to open the doors for bolder and more innovative multiplayer games coming from developers and teams of any size.

From small games to large virtual worlds running on hundreds of servers

coherence allows you to create the kind of game you want and not think about scaling until you need it.

A large world can be divided up between several simulators. You can either let the system do this automatically or tweak it yourself for more detailed control.

Transitioning between simulators is seamless and handled by the system.

Due to the data-oriented architecture of our system, simulators can easily be dedicated to specific functions like AI, physics, battle, etc.

Fair and predictable costs

Costs will be kept transparent, fair and competitive. Prototyping locally and running a small instance will always be free.

Our platform tools will help developers make cost projections based on estimated user numbers, CPU load and other relevant factors.

Full control over how much data your game is sending and receiving

As a game developer, you can define the levels of detail and areas of interest based on distance, visibility and other factors specific to your game.

Depending on the current level of interest in a given part of the game, some of its data may be synchronized at a higher frequency, a reduced frequency, or not at all.