Levelling the Playing Field

Our goal is to democratize the way developers make connected experiences, and that means making it easier to get started, faster to iterate on ideas and cheaper to operate.

coherence is an open easy-to-use, lightning-fast cloud platform for building scalable and persistent worlds, built with game developers in mind. It plugs into your favorite or own game engine, allowing you to have a working demo up in a matter of minutes.

By heavily reducing all the technical barriers, focusing on easy debugging, fast iteration time and the general toolset around networking, we aim to enable everyone, no matter the team size, to easily make a diversity of experiences that can foster meaningful online interactions between millions.

The platform is accessed by a SDK or plugin and will handle everything; from automatic scaling, synchronization, persistence, load balancing, to simulation.

Costs will be kept transparent, fair and competitive.

Core Team

We are a fast growing, international team of industry veterans who have shipped several hit games played by millions of people (e.g. Limbo, Inside, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Terminator: Salvation, Frostbite network engine, etc.).

We’re passionate about games and their potential, and understand what issues game developers are facing today and what it takes to improve on that process. We value talent, and people with a high sense of responsibility and passion.

Our direction is clear, and we have a culture of openness and always welcome new ideas.

How does coherence work?

coherence gives you all the tools you need to turn your game into a connected interactive experience. You can make anything, from a 4-player game with highly scalable instancing, to a persistent virtual world that holds all your players.

Our editor plugin will help you utilize the power of the cloud, even if you have no experience with networked games. It handles everything from setup, data modeling, local and online testing to deployment. Using our SDK, you can dive deeper and custom-fit our technology into existing games.

All backend processes like player connections, synchronization, simulation, network optimization and scaling are handled automatically.

coherence lets you focus on what matters the most.

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    Developer First & Open

    As game developers, we know the importance of using excellent tools. coherence comes with all the command line utilities, visual plugins, showcases and docs you need to make your development easier, faster and more streamlined. Our plugins and tools are open source.

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    Cross Platform & Multi-Language

    coherence will easily integrate with prominent game engines like Unity, Unreal and Godot and support multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and consoles. We offer support for multiple programming languages like Go, C#, Javascript, Rust and others.

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    Infinitely Scalable Multiplayer

    LOD, dynamic resolution, prioritization and quantization allow for considerably more cost-effective bandwidth and CPU usage. Our highly optimized spatially-aware load balancing system manages and dynamically re-distributes CPU load. Servers that aren’t used are automatically terminated to manage costs.